Scubamafia Jumpreel

The missing link. Something has been missing between spool and reel for years, but not anymore. Scubamafia jumpreel is suitable for many needs. For deploying SMB, making jumps in the caves, connecting to mainline, you name it.

Overall size is almost the same as spool and it still carries 30 meters of Kevlar reinforced caveline. You can easily fit one or two jumpreels to your dry suit pockets and use it for many purposes.

Price: 79€


Electrical inlet

Electrical Inlet

Electrical inlet for heating vests. No more bulky connectors in the chest, making it difficult to squeeze in at the tightest restrictions. This inlet has small dimensions, height only 22mm, +8mm inside the suit. Diameter 40mm max. It can be mounted anywhere you want, for example under the thigh pocket. Routing cable through pocket allows storing the cable in the pocket when not in use.

Price: 69€