• Dual 65 W lightheads
  • 60/120 minutes burn time
  • 6000K
  • 150° flood, no spot
  • Maximum operating depth 300m
  • Price:
    • EP12: 1980€
    • EP12 EO:2320€
    • EP12 EXP: 2230€
    • EP12 EXP EO: 2520€

EP12 is a state of the art modular two headed video light. It is designed to deliver very even light distribution on the whole lighting area. It is the perfect choice for photographing and shooting videos and also as a headlight of scooter. Several EP12 lights have been in use and proven their quality in the Divers of the Dark team documentary projects, for example “Evacuation of Hanko” and “Exploring the Caves of France”.

EP12 lightheads can also be bought separately and made in different light temperatures by customer’s needs. You can choose within four options which suit your needs the best. You have two battery canisters and fixed or E/O-cords as options to perfect your light.

EP12 is also available as Expedition model, delivering 90/180 minutes of burn time.