The Beast

The Beast

The Beast


  • 300/150 W
  • 75/150 minutes burn time
  • 6000K
  • 150° flood, no spot
  • Maximum operating depth 300m
  • Price: 5290€

The Beast is the ultimate monster of video lights. It is by far the most powerful dive light in the world. This thing eats 200 W HID lights for breakfast. When the others start to fade, The Beast still goes on strong and bright.

Brand new Scubamafia The Beast is something totally different, something you’ve never even dared to dream of. It is build with no compromises, aiming to superior lighting power and long burn time. It has a very compact package of battery canister and lighthead, compared to previous ones that you are used to, The Beast is squeezing down the size of the BIG video light to almost a normal canister light.

Several Beasts were used as a main lighting system in Divers of the Dark team document project in France during August 2012. The Beasts have now earned their place in all the projects to come, there’s no way back to HIDs.

The Beast has two power settings, full and half, 150 or 300 watts. In most situations the half power is certainly enough, giving you amazing 2,5 hours of burn time to shoot videos or stills.